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For Agencies

For Agencies

New customer acquisition digital and accurate. Get relevant leads for your agency with Agenturmatching.

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All about our Matching Process

Personal Contact
We validate each client personally and only accept projects that meet our quality criteria.
Top Budgets
We only acquire high-quality projects and start with an agency fee of 10,000 euros. Not the little bakery around the corner is waiting for you - but the big food brand which is active throughout Europe.
Concise Project Information
We put all relevant information together in project profiles - so you can decide whether the project fits into your strategy

What Agencies say about Agenturmatching

  • Kai Oppel
    “I pay more at Google and get only irrelevant requests. The opposite is the case with Agenturmatching. That's why I like to invest there.”
    Kai Oppel
    Managing Partner
  • Stephan Lachmann
    “Agenturmatching has become an important building block in our sales mix for us and constantly provides us with leads for our new business.”
    Stephan Lachmann
    Managing Director
  • Tobias Bartenbach
    “Agenturmatching is the perfect complement to our New Business activities. Uncomplicated, professional and personal. A digital match quickly becomes a face-to-face meeting.”
    Tobias Bartenbach
  • Anja Schumacher
    “We appreciate the efficiency of the matching process very much. The profile is easy to manage, the requests are transparent and can be processed quickly and lead directly to personal contact. This is successful and has already brought us two new project clients. In the meantime, Agenturmatching has become one of our most important acquisition tools.”
    Anja Schumacher
    Managing Partner
  • Siegmar Tittjung
    “I am very excited and confident about Agenturmatching and will limit my other new business tools in the future. A great, innovative and friendly team from Munich.”
    Siegmar Tittjung
    Founder/ Managing Director
  • Bernd Plitt
    “My agency was newly founded and I already won one of my first clients through Agenturmatching.”
  • Daniel Schermesser
    “Not only the smartmatching process brings us new clients, but also the presence on the platform itself - which recently brought us directly to a client.”
    Daniel Schermesser
  • Alexander Dimolaidis
    “We have tried many platforms. This one works. On top of that: There is a motivated team behind the platform, which shows instant engagement on all topics.”
    Alexander Dimolaidis
  • Peter Sylvester Scheer
    “For our agency there is no comparable channel, which generates qualified (!) inquiries in such a short time. I don't believe in coincidence, but in the concept quality of the platform.”
    Peter Sylvester Scheer
    Owner/ Managing Director
  • Thomas Rosenwald
    “The idea behind Agenturmatching is great in itself. What's even better is that the team implements the idea so professionally. We now save a lot of time with acquisition activities and get in touch with companies that have a pretty good idea of what they want. This not only makes initiating business fun, but is also highly effective for all sides.”
    Thomas Rosenwald
    Managing Director
  • Thomas Hans
    “Finding the right agency partner is much more transparent for entrepreneurs through Agenturmatching. The focus here is on the benefit - an attribute that must also play the main role in the communication discipline. The enquiries are of high quality and we have already been able to implement interesting projects. That's why it "matches" very well.”
    Thomas Hans
    Managing Director
  • Henning Klimczak
    “Constantly new opportunities for interesting projects and a friendly and uncomplicated communication. The service of Agenturmatching is a real benefit for us.”
    Henning Klimczak
  • Ralf Janssen
    “Agenturmatching successfully brought us together with two new clients in 2017. Who is not on this platform may miss qualified leads.”
    Ralf Janssen
    Managing Director
  • Carina Wilhelm
    “Agenturmatching is a wonderful opportunity for young companies to present themselves and find new business partners. We receive intros to interesting clients on a regular basis and can prove our services.”
    Carina Wilhelm
    Owner / CEO
  • Philipp Houben
    “The best thing about Agenturmatching is the time saved. This allows us to concentrate on the essentials and put all our energy into the implementation of relevant projects. Top!”
    Philipp Houben
    Managing Director


The beginning of a wonderful story: A customer starts a matching

One of our Matching Experts takes over

... and gets in contact with the client, asks questions and clarifies the exact need.

One of our Matching Experts takes over

... and gets in contact with the client, asks questions and clarifies the exact need.

Our Matching Expert creates an anonymous Briefing

... that contains exactly the information an agency needs to make a decision: Does the project suit us?

You will be selected

... if your agency is relevant to the project. From all agencies our matching expert creates a longlist of 10-15 agencies.

You will be selected

... if your agency is relevant to the project. From all agencies our matching expert creates a longlist of 10-15 agencies.

The Briefing will reach you by e-mail

Now you decide whether the project fits to your agency. If it does, you are one round ahead.

Now it's up to you

Describe briefly why your agency is the right one for the project! A maximum of 5 agencies will be introduced to the client.

Now it's up to you

Describe briefly why your agency is the right one for the project! A maximum of 5 agencies will be introduced to the client.


(Frequently asked questions and their answers)

Why did you develop Agenturmatching?

There are two reasons: On the one hand, we have experienced for ourselves how exhausting new business acquisition in agencies can be and how high the pressure for each individual is if you don't want to ignore the essential, a good work for existing customers. On the other hand we did the math: Every year, agencies and clients invest more than 1 billion euros in finding and selecting the right partner. We say: this must be more efficient and more humane!

What kind of client does use Agenturmatching?

Entrepreneurs and employees who can decide by their own which agency they want to work with. These can be marketers of SMEs, press officers, but also employees of the communications department of international brands. Or start-up founders who have just completed a VC financing.

Are you independent?

Agenturmatching is 100% independent. We are not in the service of individual agency networks or corporations. We make our technology available to independent industry associations - and maintain our neutrality.

What's the point of my agency being on Agenturmatching?

Agenturmatching wants to take your new business in hand with you. After you have completed your profile with relevant information about your agency, we and potential new clients know what distinguishes your agency - and for what kind of projects you are relevant. For these projects you will be selected by our matching professionals in combination with an intelligent algorithm and provided with briefings - then you decide whether you want to throw your hat in the ring and in the best case win a new customer.

How much does a membership cost?

Registering your agency on Agenturmatching is free of charge. You can provide a variety of information about your agency and thus participate in matchings with new contacts - however, the number of participants is limited depending on the profile package booked. If, for example, you are in the free package, you are only qualified for a total of 3 matching participations. If you want to participate more often, you have the possibility to purchase an upgrade, which additionally reduces the commission due on successful placement. 

What's meant with "commission"?

The commission represents a percentage of the fee paid to your agency for a project. The commission depends on your chosen presence - the higher it is, the lower the commission will be. Once a quarter, we inquire with you which fee amount you have actually paid to the client, in order to finally charge you the correct commission fee for us.

How long after an intro can you upgrade to save commission?

The commission on a project will be calculated according to the profile booked by your agency at the time of participation in the briefing. Any upgrades made thereafter will only be taken into account for subsequent matchings.

How do I do the payment?

Billing is made for upgrading your presence for 12 months in advance. The commission is only due when your agency successfully receives an order from us.

According to which criteria is an agency selected for a shortlist?

The decisive points are relevance and motivation. Agencies that fit into a project due to their expertise, cases and profile are relevant for a match. One of our matching professionals selects the right agencies for the match and asks them to participate - the briefing was prepared in advance in consultation with the client. Selected agencies that are interested in a project and motivated throw their hats in the ring and receive an intro to the client. It is then up to the respective contact persons to make contact and get to know each other.

How much does an upgrade cost?

Our current prices can be found on the pricing page for agencies.

Axel Roitzsch
Axel Roitzsch

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